The Thurson Brand story

Thurson Teas was born out of the passion that Thurson De Silva had for the magical beverage Tea, which was a part of his everyday life growing up in the lush Tea plantations of Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon. Surrounded by the freshness and goodness of Tea, it soon became his dream to join Ceylon’s Tea Industry. Therefore, he made the life-changing decision to join Sri Lanka’s booming Tea Industry as a trainee planter in 1936, because he knew that a perfect cup of Tea was only possible with perfect tea leaves, it was his way of giving back to the world of Tea which he so loved, grooming and nurturing Tea gardens to produce the most elegant cup of Tea became his life’s passion and Legacy as he understood that a good cup of Tea made a difference in a person’s life and Tea had a profound impact on the lives of the people who worked in the Tea gardens.

Thurson De Silva’s passion for Tea which started in 1936 would pass down the generations when his grandson Lushantha De Silva joined the tea industry as a Tea Taster in 1986, knowledge and values were passed down the generations and Lushantha would take the bold step of creating the brand Thurson Teas in 2016 as a brand fully owned by Empire Teas, bringing in three generations of Tea mastery in creating exquisite tea blends that exist under The Thurson brand, it was the perfect tribute to his grandfather and a passion that is keenly followed by the entire De Silva clan.

Thurson Tea embodies the spirt of Tea along with the virtues of Thurson De-Silva, a dream of one man who loved Tea and dedicated his life to growing it. Today Thurson Teas endeavours to give the world the finest blends of Tea in the most superior packaging, with a keen eye for quality, it is an appreciation of Tea.

Thurson Teas seeks to be environmentally sustainable and consumer centric, in a technological driven, fast-paced world. Thurson will take you back to 1936, with our blends of the finest Teas, to take you back to a world of splendour and quality, where passions and dreams were made a reality through dedication and hard work, faith and spirit. Today Thurson Teas is available in many select destinations and its reach is expanding, so we invite you to join us as the journey begins here.

Thurson, we are, “Your World of Teas”


Wherever in the world you maybe, Thurson will bring together the diverse world of tea through our unique global blends. Thurson’s exclusive teas will be available to Thurson tea lovers in the most vibrant packaging to give you a world-class experience.

Thurson will compete with global brands, aspire to be in a league of its own, to be a formidable force in the world of tea. Thurson seeks to be extraordinary, and impact humanity in a positive light the world over. Thurson aspires to be in the top 20 of global premium brands by 2030.


Thurson’s mission as an everyday part of life is to research, acquire and produce world-class premium products catering to consumers across the world, fulfilling consumer needs through teas sourced from across the globe.

Thurson teas will be available in the leading supermarket chains and in modern trade, Thurson endeavours to be a proactive, consumer centric brand, close to the hearts of consumers, connecting to them through traditional and new age media.