The Thurson Brand’s Enduring Legacy

The Thurson brand story is a captivating tale of generational passion and dedication to the art of tea-making. It all began with Thurson De Silva, whose love for tea was nurtured amidst the lush tea plantations of Sri Lanka. His early experiences in the tea industry inspired him to become a trainee planter in 1936, driven by the belief that the key to a perfect cup of tea lies in perfect tea leaves. Thurson’s commitment to grooming and nurturing tea gardens led him to create a legacy centered around producing an elegant and exquisite cup of tea.

The legacy of Thurson’s devotion to tea was carried forward through his grandson, Lushantha De Silva, who joined the tea industry as a Tea Taster in 1986. Lushantha’s journey was marked by the passing down of knowledge and values from one generation to the next. In 2016, Lushantha took a bold step by establishing the Thurson Teas brand, a tribute to his grandfather and a culmination of three generations of tea mastery. Thurson Teas, under the ownership of Empire Teas, embodies the essence of tea and the virtues of Thurson De Silva.

Thurson Teas is committed to delivering the finest blends of tea, reflecting an unwavering dedication to quality and an appreciation for the art of tea-making.  Thurson Teas takes you on a journey back to 1936, inviting you to experience a world of splendour, quality, and timeless traditions. It captures the spirit of passions and dreams realised through hard work, faith, and determination.

Thurson, we are, “Your World of Teas”


To be the epitome of tea.


Through dedication to quality, innovation, and cultural richness, we aspire to redefine tea appreciation. Our journey involves not only perfecting the art of tea-making but also nurturing a global community that shares our appreciation for the finer things in life. Through this, we aim to create more than just beverages; we create experiences that elevate moments and enrich lives.


  • To diversify in to the RTD category by 2025.
  • To be present in 50 markets by 2025.
  • To be among the top five tea export brands by 2030.
  • To ensure our packaging is 100% plant based and bio degradable by 2030.
  • To enrich the lives of employees, empower women, educate children in the community.